Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's been a crazy busy week for me so I've neglected my blogging. Physically I am feeling stronger than I have felt in years and I am very grateful for that!
I had another visit with my acupuncturist today and she is quite impressed with my progress and I'm able to reduce my visits to once every few weeks now, so yay!
We did notice that I have a "C" curve in my back and my hips are out of alignment so she has prescribed yoga and possibly a couple of visits with a chiropractor (which I'm not sure about yet). I've been wanting to get into yoga for quite some time now so this seems like the perfect opportunity to actually pursue my interest in it. She noticed that I have quite a few muscles in my back that are very toned but some that are quite weak, so I need to strengthen the weak ones so things don't get all out of whack. Looks like I have another area to focus on to bring myself into inner balance and harmony in pursuit of healthfulness.

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