Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prologue to Aunt Flow

We all know how lovely PMS can be...well us women folk do anyway. For me it has become worse over time. Lately it feels to me like I run smack into a brick wall over and over again for about 5 days. Not fun! I've been going to acupuncture for a couple of weeks now and it turns out that this is a sign of depletion in the body and my acupuncturist can help me to minimize and most likely eliminate my PMS!
I am VERY happy about the prospect. I've said in the past, it sucks because it feels like almost half the time I don't feel very energetic or content. Around that "time of the month" I'm always more easily agitated and on edge. If we can work on eliminating that, it would make a world of difference in my life.
I bring this up because along with my PMS comes major cravings. It's like a voice is shouting bring on the sugar and the fat. I don't think I've ever lasted on a "diet" more than three weeks. I would hit the PMS point and it was like I just lost control. Now I'm realizing I still do have a choice how I satisfy those cravings. Today I was cravings sweets and I just kept thinking about chocolate and cupcakes, but today I made a different choice. I took my son for a walk to the grocery store and bought some sugar free shredded coconut and then came home and made sugar free macaroons. My craving was satisfied and my body was content. No after sugar coma over here!

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